“If It’s Important to you –

You will Find a Way.

If not, you will find an excuse”




Enjoying all the beauty around me as I deliberately create my day. If you sit down to write your gratitude lists and can’t think of anything to write down, just look around from where you are sitting. You can be appreciative of the scenery, the chair you are...

Create your joyful abundant life!

I  am so grateful for hot tea this morning, the blankets on our bed, socks, warm clothes, celebrating Cat’s birthday this past weekend, our printer, magazine pictures and words, plain paper, colored paper, lined paper, rubber cement, glue, tape, pencils, pens...

Gratiude List

I am so grateful for seeing my friend Tom Pollard this morning, organizing my closet last nite- it looks great, the free coffee Diana Sheffield Richards is sending me, having Goodwill to donate things to, seeing Cat’s face this morning, the TNT meeting I just...