“If It’s Important to you –

You will Find a Way.

If not, you will find an excuse”



Creating Abundance in Your Life Now

Creating abundance isn’t always done with savvy business decisions, wise investments and betting on the right horse at the track. While those things can be part of making financial gains because they show belief in the act of attempting to get more money, it’s not...

Make Deliberate Creation Work For You

Deliberate creation is the act of deciding what you want and getting it. It sounds easy, but may be unbelievable for some. It really is easier than what most people think. Most of us have grown up being told that anything worth getting we have to work hard for,...

Start Attracting Prosperity Today

Even by just attempting methods of attracting prosperity or abundance, you start wheels turning in both your head and then God (or the Universe )  helps to orchestrate good things happening in your life that allow more prosperity to flow your way. The first step in...