“If It’s Important to you –

You will Find a Way.

If not, you will find an excuse”



Change Your Thoughts...

When we think thoughts that don’t feel good to us, whether it’s about something that happened in the past, or something we’re concerned about happening in the future, we are allowing ourselves to go to a bad feeling emotional place on purpose. We are the only ones that can  control our thoughts. When we have thoughts that don’t feel good, we always have the ability to reach for better feeling thoughts. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting up and taking a walk, calling a friend, making yourself a cup of tea, going on Pinterest, looking at photos that make you happy or petting your dog.  Just do something you enjoy to distract yourself from those negative thoughts and feelings. Feeling bad about the past or worrying about the future only makes you a match to something more that feels bad.

You can’t change the past. When it comes to worrying about the future, you could be pleasantly surprised when you focus on the outcome you would like to experience. Focus on what you would like to experience and why. If that makes you feels better, that’s great. If not, if it makes you wonder how you’ll attract the outcome you desire and it makes you feel bad, then just think about anything else that would feel better.