Conscious creation is the act of making conscious effort to create the life you want. However, It does go deeper than just having a more positive attitude; Conscious creation actually refers to the very act of creating your own reality harnessing the Law of Attraction deliberately. One of the concepts behind conscious creation is the knowing that we each have the power to create joyous, abundant and healthy lives regardless of circumstances outside of ourselves.

Every day when we get out of bed, we set into motion the creation of a certain reality, good or bad. And through conscious, also called deliberate creation; we can shift our reality in either a better or worse direction.

At the roof of this belief system is the idea of channeling. (Now, I am not talking about the Ouija board- spirit channeling that we may have played with as teenagers). I am talking about complete and utter focused concentration on your own deep-seated ideas and desires by starting every day with a clear goal. Of course I am not talking about your everyday goals like getting the kids to school on time or completing a project at work. I am talking about looking at the bigger picture focus on what you choose your life to look and feel like. By focusing on how GOOD you desire your life to feel to you- you will naturally begin to channel positive energy.

This means that you might have to change your belief system. Let’s say that right now you believe that most people are selfish and only out to get what they can for themselves without regards to other people. Your belief is creating that reality in your life, so most people in your life will be just this way.

If you shift your belief to one that says that most people are good at heart and want to do the right thing, most people in your life will fit that description. If you believe that you will never get out of debt, you probably never will. But if you wake up each day using conscious creation to believe you will attract loving people with good intentions into your life and you match those qualities yourself by focusing on the feeling place of interacting with kind people you will create those experiences for yourself.