Before you can attract abundance or prosperity you must believe that it’s possible, and then allow yourself to feel abundant even before you actually are. For some, this is the hardest thing to learn about abundance because they have been conditioned to believe that money is hard to come by, there are only a select few that are entitled to abundance, or maybe you have to be born rich to be rich. There are many different self-limiting beliefs surrounding having abundance, sometimes we sabotage ourselves regarding attracting abundance because we really don’t want to identify with being “filthy rich” or we think “money is the root of all evil” so desiring money doesn’t feel good.
Changing your negative beliefs about money (about the people who have a lot of it!) will help you to be more open to attracting your own money. Instead of thinking people that are well off are selfish or greedy, why not say to yourself ” Good for them, It’s inspiring to see wealthy people, my turn is coming!” Instead of judging how others spend their money when you see them driving expensive cars, living in luxurious homes, or wearing designer clothing, think about all the people they are helping when they spend their money. In fact do the same thing when you buy something at the store or pay a bill, say to yourself “I am happy that I am helping someone somewhere” because you are!  You are helping the people in the factories that made the items you buy to keep their jobs; the truck drivers that transported the items to be sold, the stock people, the cashier, the people who own the stores, you are helping others to have the opportunities to attract abundance to care for themselves and their families
Having a positive attitude about abundance, specifically money allows you to be a match to attracting abundance. Using Creative Visualization as described by Shakti Gawain, is using all of your senses to visualize in your mind and feel as if you have already attained your goal. Athletes use visualization all the time; before a basketball player makes a free throw he will often visualize the ball going through the basket. If you are having difficulty visualizing yourself with abundance try sitting quietly and imagining a time when you felt abundance, perhaps when you were growing up money was not an issue, or was there a time when you had a job that brought you a steady flow of income and you felt abundant? If so allow yourself to go back in time to feel how great that felt. If you can’t remember a time when you were abundant sit down and make a list of all the things you presently have an abundance of; clothes in the closet, books, pens, paper, friends, coins in a jar, food in the refrigerator, soap, anything you have an abundance of. Then re-read your list and affirm to yourself “I already am abundant, naturally I will attract more abundance.”