I am so grateful for playing cards with Cat today, waking up healthy and happy, how much fun Cat is, salad, movies, the snow pictures Chelsea sent me from CT, Monica taking such good care of Oreo for me, videos on Utube, all the fun I have helping my clients, how every session is different and interesting, the enjoyment I get from my career, family and friends.

Writing a gratitude list always helps me to see what a wonderful life I have created! And it gives me the confidence that I can create even more positive experiences and outcomes. If you can take the time to write a gratitude list, or even just a list of your past successes, you’ll find it feels great and realize that naturally you will attract what ever you need to be, do or have what ever you desire.

Here is a list of my past successes:

I managed a bank for several years; supervised 10+  people, we accomplished our goals and I was one of the top insurance sales people at the bank

Successfully ran my  “For Kids Only” preschool and daycare for 14 years, preparing the kids for school by teaching them social and academic skills. Still maintain friendships with many of them and their parents.

Raised my two daughters as a single parent without child support, bought them nice homes to live in and always provided for them on my own.

Moved across country 6 years ago, on faith that I could make it here in Texas, knowing only the realtor that sold me my house.

Have created a successful coaching and weight realease business here in Texas where I  empower my clients with tools to also create abundant happy lives.

Sold my house in 4 days and bought my dream home with my Fiancé.

Traveled all around the US, and to Belgium, Paris, Amsterdam, Cancun, and Italy with plans to go to Spain and Jamaica.

When I read these, it definitely boosts my confidence and helps me to have a very positive attitude towards the future!