Adult coloring books have been a huge rage in Europe, and over the past few months their sales in the U.S. have soared.  This increase in interest and use of adult coloring books is for good reason – they are stress-reducing and FUN!

We have all been overwhelmed by the bombardment of work, raising children, info on the Internet, and the daily demands of personal and home maintenance.  Sitting down with some brightly-colored gel pens, markers, and beautifully drawn illustrations to color pulls us away from it all.  It’s soothing, and even if you’ve never been creative in your life, you can be now, right here on that page.  Coloring can bring back fond memories of childhood, while creating an almost meditative state.

For the past 10 years, I have fulfilled my passion of helping my clients to reduce stress and attain their goals.  During the past two years, I revisited my love for drawing.  It seemed natural for me to follow my bliss and create my first adult coloring book as another way to help others reduce stress while enjoying themselves.

So, indulge in the fun and download one of my drawings.  Get some gel pens – Friskars are wonderful, but I also love Jellyroll Metallic pens.  Treat yourself to a little “me time” and experience the wonderful calming effects of coloring again!

If you enjoy yourself, go to and check out my book,  50 Shades of Fun: The New Joy of Coloring.

Have FUN!