I am so grateful for the iced coffee I am enjoying, being so motivated last night and getting a lot accomplished, the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board meeting I attended this morning, all the great ideas I got from my friends there, my husband, the delicious fried cat fish dinner he made last night, Facebook, Gmail, my friend June and her creative abilities, the Kindle on my IPad, the sun shining and the contrasts life continually shows me!

If you are wondering what “appreciating the contrasts” means, I will explain… Life is always showing us things, situations and people we may not be fond of. We all too often focus on what we don’t like or want, by complaining about it, calling people telling them how bad it is, or how pissed off we are. What often happens is we attract more to “piss us off” because that’s what we are a match to. But if when we experience something we don’t like and then go on to focus on what we choose for ourselves, we allow more “good feeling” people and experiences to come to us.

Here’s an example:
Yesterday afternoon pretty much sucked, I was on the phone with the bank straightening out two $15 charges I should not of gotten, which took up a lot of time. Then I got my mail, which had a $75.00 un-expected bill, that didn’t feel too great. I was still annoyed from spending so much time on the phone with the bank! Then I did complain on the phone with a friend about what happened. I had to stop myself and say “thanks for the contrast, I choose to be calm and at ease, allowing myself to be more productive and feel better.” I know that what you focus on you get more of, so I sat down with my journal and started writing, I focused on telling my story the way I choose it to be. I felt much better! I went on to be much more productive and to get a lot accomplished. My husband came home and made dinner for me, it was amazing! I found some information I needed on line and made some very important contacts to market my book! I turned my day around!