I am so grateful for this beautiful sunny day! the oatmeal Cat made for breakfast, seeing my daughter in CT so clearly on Skype on my phone!!! OMG that was so cool! Comfortable clothes to go walk the dogs in at the Nature Preserve, all of my wonderful clients that are committed to using simple tools to change their lives for the better, getting more organized with my business paperwork and systems.

Gratitude Intentions- I am introducing a new tool here today!
Gratitude Intentions is when you list things that you choose to have or experience in your life that haven’t happened yet. You are stating these in faith with the belief that they are something better with happen. Jesus the greatest teacher said “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”(mark 11:24). So everyday in faith I list my Gratitude Intentions, I list them as if I have already received them.

Here’s mine
I am so grateful for the wonderful walk I had with the dogs today and how well behaved they were. How productive I was at Starbucks when Cat was getting his hair cut, hiring the perfect virtual assistant to help me with new marketing strategies and implementing my new “system”, how well Monica’s new carpets came out, the beautiful new lights we found for over our kitchen table and the breakfast bar.