I am so grateful for living in such a beautiful neighborhood, in a home I always feel so peaceful and safe in, with my husband and two dogs, with a garage both of our cars fit in, plenty of storage for our household items, arched doorways, beautiful salt water pool, spa, picturesque view from the living room with tree, private backyard….

These Gratiude Lists are intended to help you “feel better”. When you feel better you attract situations and outcomes, people and things that are a match to how you feel. They are not intended to “make” anything happen, although it often does create something just like what you’ve focused on or something even better.

If you are not happy with where you live right now, look around and find something to appreciate about where you are. Example: I am grateful for having a roof over my head, a furnace that works and keeps my family warm, a bed to sleep in with blankets and pillows, a place to park my car, windows to let light in, a refrigerator to keep food cold and a stove to cook my food, a sink to wash dishes…if you can focus on these things with gratitude you line up your energy to attract a better place that you will enjoy even more. It has worked for me, every place I have lived has been better and better.