checkThe law of abundance is the belief that what you desire is available to you in unlimited amounts. Many people try to manifest the law of abundance by writing a check. Basically the goal is to learn how to visualize financial prosperity; when you write yourself a check in this prescribed way, you are committing an act of faith. You are creating tangible evidence that you believe you can attract the amount you write the check out for, you’re not just wasting a check and doing something silly. Taking the time to focus on exactly what you will do when you attract the amount you write the check out for gives it even more power.

If you have heard the concept of Universal Checks before you may have seen some unique practices or recommendations. I suggest you write the check out to yourself or someone you are close to and sign it The Universe or God. I wrote a check out to my husband for $10,000. About three weeks later he received a totally unexpected check for $15,000 in the mail! I had been deliberately attracting what ever I focused on for the past three years very consistently so having the belief system I have made it easy to attract the $15,000.

I often recommend my clients to write their 1st universal check for a tangible amount. In other words, I usually recommend that they start out writing a check for something realistic, like $100.00 versus writing a check for $100,000 or a million.  The goal being that you can want to build up your confidence and create a realistic reality for yourself. You are putting yourself in the feeling place of hitting a goal that is achievable and natural. Writing that check, though, simply represents an act of faith. Faith that you’re writing it for a reason and that it will work. The law of abundance doesn’t have requirements of dollar amounts or signatures or anything but of you have an underlying feeling of lack surrounding attracting the money your negativity will prevent  the money from coming to you. The power lies in your attitude and your ability to visualize and believe that you’ll get what you desire. Writing a check is just a physical manifestation of that belief.

So anything you can do to physically manifest your belief that you will succeed financially can help because it’s your belief and feelings that lets the law of abundance provide you with financial prosperity.