It’s funny how you can hear the same thing presented in different ways, and then one way resonates with you And prompts you to make a change. That happened with me when I heard this quote “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.”
In the past being organized with my business paperwork was a big issue, I hated doing it and the more I avoided it the more overwhelming it felt. So I have broken it down into steps and am committed to devoting a minimum of 1 hour a week (more if needed) on a scheduled day to stay on top of it. I have also listed the reasons why this is important to me…Being in more control of this aspect of my business allows me to feel at peace, I do love being organized, knowing I have a scheduled time to do this allows me to enjoy myself because it’s not a worry in the back of my mind, it enables me to be ready for tax time early each year, it just plain feels better knowing that the better I feel the better my life is!