“If It’s Important to you –

You will Find a Way.

If not, you will find an excuse”



A Brand New FREE Car!

A close friend of mine purchased My Law of Attraction Project Planner on Amazon.com and started using the daily tools. She focused on getting a new car on 7/20 & 7/22. Her car was 14 years old, it’s been in the garage several times over the last few days....

Gratitude &Intentions

I am so grateful for this beautiful sunny day! the oatmeal Cat made for breakfast, seeing my daughter in CT so clearly on Skype on my phone!!! OMG that was so cool! Comfortable clothes to go walk the dogs in at the Nature Preserve, all of my wonderful clients that are...

Create your joyful abundant life!

I  am so grateful for hot tea this morning, the blankets on our bed, socks, warm clothes, celebrating Cat’s birthday this past weekend, our printer, magazine pictures and words, plain paper, colored paper, lined paper, rubber cement, glue, tape, pencils, pens...