90114X4 I am so grateful for
the wonderful bike ride I took early this morning with my friend Sandi, how much fun it was to ride a bike like this one in the picture, the fun I had riding to the Farmers Market near the McKinney Square and all the wonderful vegetables I bought and carried in my basket, enjoying a delicious cup of tea at the Farmer’s Market, Vicky’s excitement as she ate the dog treats I bought for her, my health, this beautiful day to spend grooming my horse Oreo, the opportunity to spend time with my Grandsons, Aaron and Ryan and my daughter, Monica at the Spooktacular Halloween party!

Gratitude Intentions, I am so grateful for

the ease with which I get my first book published, the abundance of money that I consistently attract from various sources and the peace I feel, the enjoyment I feel grooming Oreo today and walking with him, the great time I have at Sandi’s party tonight, my continued great health and commitment to continue taking great care of myself, my safe flight to Connecticut next week, getting an aisle seat on all of my flights.