How to deal with Difficult People

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We all have pet peeves… sometimes those pet peeves can be magnified 1000x when it comes from an individual that we have to deal with on a daily basis. (Yes, that can be our husbands, wives, bosses, co-workers and even our children).What if your behavior and attitude could actually bring out the best in that person?  Take your power back! All it takes is this simple technique:

Rather than focusing on the other person’s annoying behavior, focus on their positive aspects (awe, come on they have got to have some!).


Even though Cindy is SO annoying and always gossiping;

  • she is a devoted mother
  • she responsible employee.
  • arrives to work on time every day
  • dresses nicely
  • impresses clients
  • helps me complete my reports if she is finished early

Even though Little Jimmy is extra fussy;

  • he is the most loving little boy a mom (or dad!) could ask for.
  • he is the best looking boy in the world
  • he typically sleeps through he night
  • he can keep himself busy for hours with his blocks

Now it is your turn. Pick an annoying person and write a list of their positive aspects everyday, for a week. You will be amazed at how your attitude attracts the best in these people.

Go ahead and make your first list in the comments section below (don’t worry you can change names for privacy!)