We all know that Abraham Hicks suggests meditation on a daily basis to promote a positive mindset and enable us to be emotionally a match to our desires. Some people find meditation difficult when they attempt to quiet their mind. In a Huffpost Live video interview online, clinical psychologist, Dr. Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. said coloring is something he really supports for mental health. “It is absolutely another form of meditation.” With that in mind I created a new version of my coloring book, with 50 journal pages opposite each coloring page. I have included two blank pages in between coloring page and journal page to totally protect the journal page. There are 100 LOA inspired quotes in my book. Here is an example to help you get into the Vortex. Feel free to down load & enjoy! My book is called 50 Shades of Fun: The New Joy of Coloring and Law of Attraction Journaling, available soon on Amazon.