thinkyourrightDeliberate creation is the act of deciding what you want and getting it. It sounds easy, but may be unbelievable for some. It really is easier than what most people think. Most of us have grown up being told that anything worth getting we have to work hard for, although many of us also have worked hard for something and just ended up feeling like we are spinning our wheels but getting nowhere. The good news is that succeeding in deliberately creating your reality is based more on your attitude than anything else. It requires a certain focus to be successful, but with some effort it is possible. The best way to be a deliberate creator is to understand the Law of Attraction and use it.

A lot of people want something and become determined to have it; whether it’s some type of personal or professional success, money, a specific job, a partner, or something else. However, in the end, they might not get the
thing they wanted no matter how much effort they put in. These people are often left confused as to why it didn’t work out as they had planned. The point is it’s not really the amount of effort you put into getting what you want as it is the attitude you have about it and the feelings you feel when our focus on it. For example you can say you are abundant 100 times a day, and you can hold onto every penny and constantly look for bargains, but if you are coming from a place of feeling lack you will attract situations that match those  feelings of not having enough.

Similarly, deliberate creation works when we truly believe we can have something and feel as if it is our reality before it has even happened. Here’s an example: a person may decide he wants a new job, but if he’s worried that the interviewer may not like him or think he doesn’t have the skills needed to perform the job the negativity he is feeling will not allow him to easily attract a job offer.  Even though he may really need or want a new job, the negative emotions he is feeling makes it difficult for him to attract a positive outcome regarding the job. However if he took the time to visualize getting the job, feeling great as he performs well, getting his paycheck, he would be more of a match to the good feelings of having the job he desires. Deliberate creation works well when you remove the negative thinking and feelings. Instead of stressing, picturing the interview going well and focusing on all the enjoyment he would get out of having the position he’s applying for increases his chances of landing that dream job!

When you want something but you believe that achieving it is going to be difficult, it becomes difficult. Likewise, if you want something but secretly or not-so-secretly believe that getting it is impossible, then it will be impossible.

With deliberate creation, the person takes complete charge of his or her reality by spending time lining up their energy by feeling as of they already have attracted what they desire rather than stressing about how difficult it might be to attain. When there is a focus on getting into the “feeling” place of having the goal already, then taking inspired action, the action is much more productive and people are usually pleasantly surprised at the life they create!