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Sucess Stories

I quit smoking through hypnosis and EFT with Pam, I have tried to quit so many times before and felt hopeless. I am proud to say I am now a non-smoker through using EFT and Hypnosis. It has been the easiest and the best success I have ever done. So much that I amaze myself everyday when I drink water instead of smoking!

~ Tammy W. Blue Ridge, Texas

I released 24.6 lbs in 42 days. Couldn’t be happier!

~MC, Stratford CT

I had been praying for something to take off about 20 pounds when I met Pam one day for Coffee.  When I saw her I was stunned!  She looked great and had obviously lost a bunch of weight.  I knew she had struggled with losing weight for some time, so I said, “You’ve GOT to tell me what you are doing !”  After getting the low down, both my hubby and I embarked on the HCG diet.  Pam was a great resource and was super encouraging!  I lost 19 pounds and Christopher lost 38 pounds!  This was the easiest and fastest thing I’ve ever tried for losing weight.  It’s encouraging that Pam has kept it off because that is my only concern, but I must say, in my heart, I think we’ll be able to do it.  I asked my husband how this compares to other diets he’s tried and he said, ”This blows all the others out of the water!” Good luck on your weight loss journey!

~Celeste Hackett

Pam, I drove by your neighborhood yesterday and kept thinking I should send you an update.  My husband and I have successfully quit smoking and I started in-vitro fertilization shortly after my sessions with you.  I had a hugely successful cycle and got pregnant on the first try.  One initial test in this process was measuring my FSH levels.  Two years ago my score was 10.1.  10.1 falls out of the normal range where pregnancies are more likely.  When I tested this year in preparation for my IVF cycle, my score was 6.2.  Every test and procedure thereafter went so well.  I don’t know if the EFT we went through adjusted my hormone levels or just produced such a calmer person, but I believe that our EFT contributed to the success.  I’m almost out of this very TIRING first trimester and will be having a baby boy in January.  Thanks so much!


Pam I wanted to tell you I have been keeping the weight off. I am still weighing between 122 and 125 lbs, and that is where I want to stay. Also wearing size 6 pants and a few size 4 pants from a size 10 and 12’s…….still eating two apples and one grapefruit a day, it’s funny but I still look forward to having that fruit. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results, thank you so much for your help and encouragement.

~Donna B.

Pam — I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen from your weight release program. In just over 30 days, I’ve released 17 lbs.—that’s an average of 1/2 lb. per day—amazing!  I feel wonderful and, even better, everyone tells me I look wonderful!  I’m even fitting into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for years… and some are even falling off me! I can’t wait to celebrate on my deck, in my new bathing suit with a low-cal summer cocktail!  Life doesn’t get better than that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ June Holzwarth Startford, CT

Thank you for all your help!  The EFT training, Gratitude Lists, and Relaxation techniques really helped me.  I became more relaxed and at ease with my approach to decisions, and this relaxation allowed me to create an atmosphere of self-awareness and acceptance that had been lacking in my life.  As you know, when I came to see you initially, I had been searching for a career-level job for over a year, was very stressed.  Upon finally finding myself in a state of relaxation and acceptance, an out-of-the-blue top-notch job offer came my way.  I am thankful and grateful for the training and your help and support! Thank you,

~ Roger

I had the great pleasure of meeting Pam Robinson recently and was very pleased with her efforts to improve my life in a number of important ways. important was increasing my self-confidence in presenting reports in a classroom setting as well as increasing my focus and ability to absorb new material being taught in class. These issues were major stumbling blocks all my life and thanks to Pam’s skills and eagerness to help me I have managed to make dramatic improvements in my life. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone who was seeking to improve the quality of their life through Pam’s successful sessions.

~ James W