I am so grateful for this wonderful hot cup of tea in my favorite yellow mug, the great shower I just took and how refreshed I feel, Aveeno lotion, toothpaste, my toothbrush, hearing from my daughter Monica about how my Grandsons loved their new bedrooms yesterday, the fun we had setting them up, talking to them and hearing their excitement on the phone, my husband’s safe flight this morning, my continued health in this wonderful body that houses my soul so well, and how much my husband consistently appreciates me and my positive attitude :).

I am so grateful for the beautiful journal, June my very dear friend in CT gave me. I love journals, I feel that when someone gives me a journal they are giving me anything I desire because I have the power to create what ever I desire simply by what I focus on and feel when I write in my journal. Many of the really big things I have and enjoy today were first appreciated in my journal; my husband, our wonderful trip to Italy, our home, a great relationship with my 2 Daughters and 4 Grandsons, my horse, my successful business, all the abundance and joy that consistently flows into my life.

Two Gratitude postings I did today, because it feels good!