I am so grateful for my HOT chocolate hazelnut tea this morning, my pool pump, the huge windows in our living room that allow us to enjoy the outside even when it’s cold, hot water, the bubble bath I took last night, pretty nail polish, the car wash up the street, having a clean car today, for the weekend when I can relax with Cat, maybe play pool, cards, yatzee,or dominoes and laugh with him!

If you are already doing this gratitude list daily, then add a new twist to focus on feeling better and your new desires by writing a Gratitude Intentions list. This is where you write things and experiences you choose to have in your life. You may not attract exactly what you have written on your list, the point is to focus on your desires and allow yourself to feel good. Enjoy the journey, because you will never get it all done! Sometimes, like I have been, you may be pleasantly surprised by what shows up that feels even better than you imagined!

Here’s my Gratitude Intentions List for today

I am so grateful for
Attracting three new weight release clients this coming week
The success of all my multilevel marketing coaching clients
Finding the perfect lights for our kitchen and getting them installed this week.
Easily maintaining a healthy, fit, strong body
The free cup of coffee I attract
Completing my taxes by the end of next week and the peace I feel

Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain by feeling better!