I make gratitude consistently a part of my life. This doesn’t mean I don’t experience a wide range of emotions. Sure I do, from anger, frustration to hope and extreme joy.
The important thing for me is that I have learned to shift my focus, sometimes not as quick as I would like,but I have made amazing progress!

I chose to go thru life empowered with a positive attitude as often as possible. A positive attitude empowers me to attract amazing experiences that allow me to experience even more joy than I already have.

In the past year and a half I have traveled to Italy, Boston, Tennessee, New York and CT with my Fiancé, sold my house in 3 days at the asking price, my Fiancé and I purchased our dream home, bought a great new car, and 4 days ago I just married the love of my life.

Here is a tool that I use consistently; Appreciating The Contrasts. When life shows me something I don’t like,I say to myself “Thanks for the contrast” and I immediately focus on what I choose to experience. Life is like a buffet, there are always going to be things we like and things we don’t like. We have the power to appreciate the contrasts, because they help us to gain more clarity regarding what we do choose to experience.

An example of appreciating the contrasts for the holidays. While our driving someone cuts you off. Typically someone may get really angry, curse, make hand gestures… All doing nothing to really make you feel better in the long run. In your mind you could say “Thanks for the contrast, I choose share the road with careful drivers.” If we would all obsess more on how we would like things to be, rather than how bad they are we would all experience much more joy. I know it works for me!

Do this consistently and let me know how much better you feel!