Summer 08 Tymon and Oscar

I am so grateful for
the wonderful hot tea I  enjoyed this morning
my comfortable beautiful home
June’s creativity with making the RST book so attractive to Moms
how much fun the RST project has been
being able to watch Aaron and Ryan dancing and having so much fun at
Sandi’s party last night and my friendship with Sandi
this photo of my Grandson Tymon and my Mini Schnauzer Oscar

Gratitude Intentions, I am so grateful for
Oscar easily releasing the stone he swallowed, which we saw in an X-ray today
the publisher in India purchasing our books to distribute in their country
how easy it was to published RST for Moms
the consistent abundance of friends, ideas, money and health in my life
the many wonderful productive RST workshops I have in 2010
my clean organized desk that is so inviting for me to work at every day