I have an awesome inspiration from Source to change focus if you’re out of your Vortex and you want to refocus on something positive but your mind keeps going back to negative thoughts. Go through the letters of the alphabet and come up with a word that feels good to you for each letter. You could write it down, but I prefer to do it before I even get up out of bed. It’s a great way to build up positive momentum for the day. You can start off easy just with words that feel good, maybe of things you enjoy. Or you can add a thought about why you love it. A- apples, I love crisp sweet Honey Crisp apples. B- babies, I love the joy I feel watching babies, C- I love the feeling of connection with Source I have. D-dogs, I love the companionship of my dogs, E- everything is always working out for me, F-feel – the most important thing is that I feel good. Go on as long as it feels easy & fun. It may sound very easy and childish, but it takes some concentration and is challenging enough to help me to refocus and get back into my Vortex when there has been a lot going on that was throwing me out.